Placing the Spotlight on Lifestyle Photography

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Studio 141

(Image by Studio141 Photography + Creative LLC)


Have you ever looked at something and felt like “it’s just not you”? …Like your online appearance?

Founders of Studio 141, a nationally known lifestyle photography studio, felt this way and were curious about how to build their brand website to swiftly answer more of their client questions.

The studio owners asked us to help them clarify their brand, then re-launch their online presence…The result? We put the spotlight on what they do best… high-end lifestyle photography that captivates as soon as the home page is opened. This project reflects a wide range of our capabilities in brand development, copywriting, project management and skillful art direction.

We shifted their presence from a generalist feel – to an immediate understanding of their highly specialized studio capable of quality images in a variety of lifestyle categories.

Let’s take a look at the process that unfolded here:


Focused time. Thoughtful Questions. Deep Listening.

In our first few working sessions we connected the essence of what makes this studio so special. Gary said it is all in the lighting and quality. Bill said the clients keep it special…we knew we needed to honor both in their visual communication throughout the site.

We defined words that reflected the studio: Approachable. Authentic and Thoughtful. Relaxed yet productive. Big passion for lifestyle lighting expertise – every shot is a new opportunity for discovery.

The online presence for Studio141 delivers their emotively connecting visuals and work, with text that slides in moments later. Intentionally eye-catching to connect with the viewer and create curiosity.

Step 2:

Create a visual strategy and flow to convey their brand story without needing words…

This was a hard task, as this studio’s portfolio, talent and visual depth are ROBUST – we had many images that could represent the pillars and values of this brand. We gave focus to their custom visuals of People, Food, Product, Textiles and Studio Set variety.

We found it important to allow the on-line visitor to first absorb the imagery, supporting each with captions and slowly glide to another studio benefit, keeping momentum without overwhelming the eye. We hope you are enjoying our final visuals.

(Image by Studio141 Photography + Creative LLC)

Step 3:

Now that we had their foundation to guide us, what would the supporting pillars be?

Service, Quality and Speed.

We brought these pillars to life with relevant content, placement and flow. You see this in the sliding images moving across the home page…and every sub-page, quickly reflecting the depth of services available and time to be saved in working with these masters of quality and service.



A satisfied studio with happy, informed customer experiences.

Placing the spotlight on lifestyle photography answers the visitor’s question of “What do you do?” immediately and emotively with connection. We humbly thank the Studio 141 team in allowing us to give clarity and focus, placing their best work forward so their site feels like who they are and what they do at

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